WG writes on the inception of YFIS.
To the the great people at Youth for International Socialism:
My name is WG, I must thank you for your efforts on the part of those brave souls fighting the good fight to overturn the evil capitalist system that has gripped this great country America. With your information and numbers behind me I have started a campaign here in Hacienda Heights and Whittier Californa to get as many people to join this organization dedicated to education and the rights of the worker.

I have downloaded and copied your tri-fold flyer and intend to place them in books about Marx at the local libraries, and hand them out at buisnesses that employ minimal wage workers (including my own place of employment), not to mention my school. I am sure now that I have an organization that reflects my views that soon I can get many more to see the truth.

So once again, Thank you.