In response to Is NATO using Depleted Uranium in Yugoslavia? Followed by a reply.


It’s very interesting to read this point of view, when you’ve only been exposed to western media. It’s clear every nation has it’s propaganda-machine which tells us that WE are good and they are bad. What’s happening in yugoslavia is far across the line. The use of DU-grenades is not even mentioned in the smallest newspaper here in Europe. That is for me a prove that my own sense is right...

Keep up the good work!!!

"Only a voluntary federation of all Balkan peoples based on the democratic control of the means of production, distribution, and exchange, in harmony with the environment, can lead humanity out of the blind alley of capitalism, and to a Socialist Federation of the World."

PS. Please don’t use this kind of phrases because we all know that it’s a dream. Humans are based on instincts with a little package of intelligence on it. Once in the future, I hope people will see that imperialism is not the right system(neither is communism).

PS2. You wrote a really fine article...





Thanks you for your kind comments! As for world socialism being a dream, it may not be in the immediate future, but just think, 1000 years ago, flying to the moon was a "dream" as well. But through the use of human intelligence and human labor, we have been able to do that and even more amazing things. If we can go to the moon, I should think we can feed everybody on the planet and give them decent health, education, and housing! Thanks again!