Forty years ago the world was experiencing upheaval on a world scale that hadn't been seen for a generation. In the US opposition to the war in Vietnam gathered momentum, as it did in Britain. In Pakistan revolution was on the order of the day, and in Czechoslovakia we saw the Prague spring and Soviet Invasion. In May there was the glorious rising of the French working class, that saw 10 million workers down tools in a general strike.

 What is the most effective way of combating racism? Fred Weston, of the The Slave editorial board, spoke at the Marxist Day School held recently in London on the effects of positive discrimination and the lessons for the labour movement, touching on  the origins of racism, the Black question in the USA, South Africa and the struggle against apartheid and Brazil where today the Black Socialist movement is opposing racial legislation.

The following is an audio recording of Alan Woods on World Perspectives which was recorded in April of this year at the National Conference of Socialist Appeal (UK). We have clearly entered a new stage of the world crisis of capitalism, which is characterised by colossal volatility at every level. Perspectives are a guide to action, and therefore this particular contribution is very important in orientating Marxists to the likely developments which can unfold on a world stage.

We publish a talk by Alan Woods on the Marxists attitude to individual terrorism, given at the Socialist Appeal day school in London late last year. Of particular relevance following the assasination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan recently, socialism must oppose acts of indiviual terrorism - 'liberals with bombs' - because of the reactionary role they play in the labour movement. Listen to part 1 and part 2.

On Friday, December 7th, 2007, Al Jazeera's programme The Listening Post analysed the world's media biased coverage of the constitutional reform referendum. Amongst those interviewed was Alan Woods, founder of Hands Off Venezuela. Watch the video here.
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