This is a recording made at the Socialist Appeal day school in London in June 2007, where comrades gathered to discuss the Marxist theory of the State and the Revolutionary Tactics of the Bolshevik Party in 1917. In the first part of this session Rob Sewell talks about the nature of revolution, and how a revolutionary situation occurs not necessarily in a boom or slump, but more likely in a rapid change in living conditions. In the second part of this session he talks about the flexibility of the tactics of Lenin, who consistently emphasised the need to patiently explain.

A recording of the meeting in April 2007, reported on, where 40 people packed the NUJ Headquarters in London to find out about the theory of the Permanent Revolution. Alan Woods was invited to speak at the Hands Off Venezuela meeting to explain the theory and its relevance today. Here is the audio file of Alan speaking.

Hands Off Venezuela tours Sanitarios Maracay, a factory in Venezuela under workers control, to learn more about the revolutionary process taking place there, and to offer solidarity to the workers. An impressive video which gives a taste of workers' democracy in action and how this is linked to the Bolivarian revolution.

Here we provide a four minute speech by Ted Grant in which he expressed the confidence that by basing ourselves on the fundamental ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky we can build a powerful international Marxist movement. There can be no greater task than this.

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