Who we are and what we do

Youth for International Socialism is a group of workers and youth that fight for the end of capitalism, and for democratic socialism, as explained by the ideas of genuine Marxism. We have links worldwide, and are in political solidarity with the ideas of the International Marxist Tendency presented at the In Defence of Marxism website (www.marxist.com). We are Marxists in the tradition of Marx and Engels, and as continued by Lenin and Trotsky. Although we fight against capitalism shoulder to shoulder with other groups with similar goals, we maintain the specific ideas and principles of Marxism in our activities.

By getting involved in the local, national, and international youth, labor, and communist movements, YFIS takes an active part in the day to day struggles of workers and youth around the world. With news and analysis, solidarity campaigns, educational material, discussion groups and much more, we work to spread the ideas of genuine Marxism to as many people as possible. We educate others and ourselves, and defend the interests of the workers and youth at all times. Join us in the fight for a better world!

What we fight for

This is just an example of some of the demands we put forth in the United States which of course vary from country to country. Of course, only an end to capitalism and the implementation of democratic socialism worldwide can truly resolve the contradictions inherent under capitalism. As Leon Trotsky explained in his Transitional Program:

"It is necessary to help the masses in the process of the daily struggle to find the bridge between present demands and the socialist program of the revolution. This bridge should include a system of transitional demands, stemming from today's conditions and from today's consciousness of wide layers of the working class and unalterably leading to one final conclusion: the conquest of power by the proletariat."

For the right to strike, union representation, and collective bargaining
Repeal all anti-union laws including Taft-Hartley. End compulsory arbitration and the victimization of trade unionists and those forming new unions. Unionize the unorganized.

For trade union democracy
All union officials to be regularly elected with the right of immediate recall by the membership. All officials to receive the average wage of a skilled worker, plus vetted expenses.

For a mass party of labor to powe
The labor movement must break with the Democrats. Armed with class-independent, socialist policies that can truly answer the needs and aspirations of workers and youth, a genuine workers' party based on the unions would get a mass echo. For a fighting program against the attacks of big business and the bosses' political parties.

Full employment and housing
For a 30 hour workweek with no loss of pay. The right to a secure full-time job, full benefits, or a place in education. No to lay-offs.
For union control over hiring and firing. Establish union-controlled job training and hiring halls in communities with high unemployment. Abolish temporary employment agencies. Voluntary retirement at age 55 with full benefits for all. No to the privatization of Social Security. Eradicate homelessness. Quality housing for all, with rent fixed at not more than 10 percent of wages. For a massive program of public works to create jobs and housing, and to rebuild our infrastructure, inner cities and the Gulf Coast.

A living wage for all
For a national minimum wage of at least two-thirds of the average wage with no exceptions. For a sliding scale of wages tied to inflation.

Free, quality health care for all

For a socialized national health care system. Abolish private health
insurance and HMOs. Free science from the dead hand of corporate greed. Full access for all to the latest medical technology, treatments, and discoveries. Massively fund research and treatment for AIDS, cancer and other curable and preventable diseases. Nationalize the pharmaceuticals giants that squeeze their profits out of the health of working people.

Free, quality education for all
Fully fund our public schools
, colleges and universities: no to vouchers and privatization. End corporate encroachment into the classroom. End tuition fees and loans: for living grants and life-long learning for all.

For the immediate and unconditional legalization of all undocumented immigrants
Full rights and amnesty for immigrant workers and their families. End all racist immigration and asylum controls. For the right of residency and dual citizenship. For the right to speak one's own language. Access to Social Security with equal benefits for all. No to "guest worker" programs. For family reunification and an end to raids anddeportations. No to militarization and repression on the border. For the unity of the working class – the labor movement must be at the forefront of the struggle to improve conditions for all workers.

Outlaw all forms of discrimination – equal rights for all

Equal pay for work of equal value. Invest in quality childcare, housing and domestic facilities for all. For full reproductive rights up to and including abortion. No to racist and anti-worker police, courts, and laws. End the phony war on drugs in the U.S. and internationally. Abolish the death penalty and release all political prisoners. Defend our civil liberties. No to attacks on our civil rights in the name of the "war on terror". Mobilize the labor movement to combat racism and discrimination: workers' unity is the way forward.

A socialized plan of production for agriculture and natural resources
Protect the environment and jobs. End the anarchy of the market in the resource industry. Nationalize the food distribution giants and agri-chemical companies that destroy farmers' livelihoods. For a voluntary socialized plan of production for farming that would protect farmers' jobs and security.

Action to protect the environment

Only public ownership of the land, major industries, oil, mining and logging companies, energy and transport, can form the basis of a genuine socialist approach to the environment. Free and efficient public transportation for all. Socialist planning would ensure democratic control of production, using all available information and technology. Environmental plans would be measured in generations, not fiscal quarters.

Nationalization of the commanding heights of the economy: the major banks and corporations

Break with the anarchy of the capitalist free market. Nationalize the Fortune 500. No compensation to the millionaires, only to those in genuine need. All nationalized enterprises to be run under democratic workers' control and management, and integrated in a socialist plan of production. For genuine freedom of expression through the nationalization and democratization of the media

Socialist Internationalism

Pull out of the WTO, NAFTA, and other bankers' deals that are the tools of imperialist exploitation. No to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. No to the FTAA. No to the war on working people at home and abroad
. Cut the military budget: no to militarism and imperialism in the Middle East and around the world. Withdraw all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan now. End the embargo on Cuba. Hands Off Latin America! Unite with Canadian and Latin American workers in a Socialist Federation of the Americas as part of a World Socialist Federation.